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At Sam Lofquist Shooting, Sam will look at every aspect of your shot. He will assess where you are currently with your shooting skills, and quickly determine how you can instantly improve your shot, suggesting technical changes, stick fitting, and personalized drills among other solutions in your initial consult. He also will teach shooting technique and shot physics of several types of hockey shots, and you will have a chance to practice what you have learned in order to leave the first lesson with a better shot.


In follow up consultations, Sam will provide instruction, ideas, and guidance for improving all types of shots in your game by constantly making changes to your shot that will improve your shooting skills. The most important aspect to getting better shooting skills is to practice, and to practice correct technique. Follow up lessons are very important to continually improve technique, and to make sure you are using the right stick to maximize your shooting skills. Even the best shooters can get better. There is no limit to how good your shooting skills can be!

Sam's online options are also a great way to improve your shooting skills without coming to the studio. His online lessons will mimic what is done in the studio in the comfort of your shooting area of choice. The Shooting Analysis is a great way to have Sam critique your shooting technique and find areas of improvement, but also to see the strengths of your current technique to best maximize your shooting skills. This modern way of online learning is a great way to improve your shooting skills, and is great for students from outside the USA and state of Minnesota.

Please contact Sam if you are interested in him working with you individually, in a group, or with a team on the ice.

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My career as a professional hockey player has taken me to many places, and I have had lots of experiences in the hockey world. Along with my playing experience in the KHL (Russia), AHL, SHL (Sweden), NLA (Switzerland), Liiga (Finland), Spengler Cup, Deutschland Cup (Team USA), OHL, University of Minnesota, US NTDP, and Shattuck St.-Mary's, I have had years of instructional experience. As an offensive defenseman, I have made a name for myself as a shooter, especially for my slap shot and one-timer, which has been clocked at 105.5 mph (170 km/h). I am very fortunate to have played the game I love for so many years and am excited to pass my knowledge of shooting along to you!


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